It’s not a secret; families that get adjusted together are healthier. People often come to ABQ Family Chiropractic to help one family member, and before they know it we’re caring for the entire family!

No matter their age, every person’s nervous system should be able to adapt to physical, chemical, and emotional stresses.

We are proud to be a family practice. Chiropractic optimizes the nervous system, affecting everything from the top, down, inside, and out. Proper nervous system function is key to prenatal development, child development, and postpartum recovery, as well as a range of other issues that affect all walks of life.

If you are looking to give your family the advantage of a true healthcare facility—promoting health and not just chasing symptoms—you’re in the right place. ABQ Family Chiropractic is committed to finding root causes and addressing them.

Your whole family can enjoy the benefits of a well-adjusted nervous system!