When Dr. Phil was a decathlon athlete in high school, he suffered a back and hip injury. His now wife recommended that he visit her father, a chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments significantly improved his athletic performance and elevated his health.

Dr. Phil has been receiving adjustments ever since, including while serving in the United States Marine Corps.

Finding that frequent and regular adjustments improved all aspects of his life, Dr. Phil became increasingly interested in chiropractic. He decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport IA. After giving his first adjustment he thought, “This is what I was created to do.”

When Dr. Phil had his first child, he witnessed the physical trauma that occurs for mothers during pregnancy and children during birth. Since then, he has dedicated his life to inspiring and empowering mothers.

Dr. Phil feels most fulfilled when he works with mothers and children. He is so proud that his practice has grown to be a place that truly focuses on family wellness.

Outside Of The Practice
Dr. Phil married his high school sweetheart, Mandi, the one who set him on his life course. They have three children. Dr. Phil travels all over the country, training himself to enrich his practice. When he’s not in the practice or at a seminar, he enjoys golfing with his son Gage, hunting, and taking his Can-Am out for sunset rides.

“We are always on the go as a family. We enjoy being out in Nature; hiking, hunting, shooting, camping, snowboarding, mountain biking, exploring the mountains. It’s where we love to be.”

– Dr. Phil

Dalis Arnold

Hi! My name is Dalisand I am the Front Desk CA at ABQ Family Chiropractic. My role is to make sure that the office runs smooth like a well-oiled machine. I dedicate each day to making sure every patient feels welcome, and has an amazing experience in the office. Since being hired in July of 2022, I have gained so much knowledge regarding chiropractic, and the wonderful benefits it has on the body. Before working with Dr. Phil, I was diagnosed with Vertigo and was very frustrated with the struggles that came with that. Now since getting regularly adjusted by Dr. Phil, along with exercises to do at home,I am seeing an improvement with my Vertigo. I am very blessed to work with such an amazing Doctor, and wonderful team.

Mariela Spencer

Hello, my name is Mariela Spencer. I have been a New Mexico resident for 20 years now. I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and spent most of my formative years there. In the practice I am the Tech CA,which means I oversee the patient’s exams, notes, and x-ray transfers, and I coordinate the happenings in the adjustatorium. What attracts me to chiropractic care is the shocking reality that you have the opportunity to heal yourself from the inside out by simply removing subluxations. What inspires me the most, and what I absolutely love,is meeting a patient on their first day and seeing the progress of their overall health with time and consistency. When I’m not in the office I spend most of my time with my two children outside as we enjoy the outdoors. I am attending classes at CNM, and will eventually transfer to Palmer College to pursue my dream of becoming a chiropractor myself.